Fuji entwickelt neue Filme

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Zugegeben, woanders geklaut und nur in englisch. Fuji produziert offensichtlich zwei neue Profifilme, die mit Sicherheit auch auf den deutschen Markt gelangen werden. Analog ist doch nicht TOT

Professional Film
Also at PMA 2006, Fujifilm demonstrates its continuing commitment to providing professional photographers with a choice of picture-taking options across formats with the introduction of two new professional films.

Fujifilm introduces Fujichrome T64 Professional Film, a new ISO 64 tungsten-type color transparency film that delivers ultra-fine grain and optimum tonal scale and gradation under tungsten lighting. Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates new-generation color couplers and Multi-Color Correction Layer Technology that ensure pure, accurate color reproduction. This film is ideal for a wide range of product shots, interiors, furniture, architecture, certain medical imaging needs and other professional applications requiring tungsten lighting. The new film also possesses excellent color image stability.

Also at the show Fujifilm introduces its new high speed color reversal film, Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional Film, providing new levels of color saturation in the ISO400 class. Provia 400X provides high speed sensitivity and ultra-fine granularity with an RMS of 11, thanks to Fujifilm's Epitaxial Sigma Crystal Technology. Fujifilm's PSHC (Pure, Stable and High-performance dye-forming Coupler) Technology gives it high color purity, stability and color formation efficiency, all providing excellent image stability. This technology forms the basis for the film's high color saturation performance. And the multi-color correction layers incorporated in Provia 400X help to make this a very versatile film, enabling natural skin tones suitable for fashion or portraiture while delivering highly saturated colors.

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RE: Fuji entwickelt neue Filme

in News & Fakten 15.02.2006 22:38
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Na das ist doch mal eine Neuigkeit, es lebe Fuji.

'Wir sehen nicht nur mit unseren Augen, sondern auch mit unserem Gefühl'

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